YES FM 911 Boracay Radio Station

Boracay Go is a fun and really exciting song about the fantastic island of Boracay, which is located in the south China sea of the western Visayas region of the Philippines Islands. What makes Boracay so unique and special is it's 2.5 mile long main beach, "Boracay Beach" that is covered in powder soft sand that is nearly as white as snow, and it attracts tourist from all over the world from countries like, China, South Korea, Russia, United Arab Emirate, Italy, Britain, Europe, Canada, America and so many more.

Boracay is a very much loved holiday destination for so many tourist, it is for this reason among others that Rick Saint John an American and founder of WOW Philippines Travel Agency which is located in Pasig City, Ortigas Center, of Metro-Manila decided in 2012 to write a song about Boracay Island and it's two main attractions, Boracay Beach and Bulabog Beach. If you are vacationing on the island of Boracay, then you have no doubt come here to experience one of these to top Boracay attractions.

On September 12 of 2013 Rick Saint John was invited by that station manager of YES FM 911 Boracay Radio to be on-air for a live radio interview regarding the song, Boracay Go. Alan Palma was also on this day, debuting for the first time his radio show, "Boracay, One Island, One Heart, One Goal" and Rick as honored to be part of such an amazing event, where his song Boracay Go would be the feature.

During the YES FM 911 Boracay Radio live interview Rick Saint John was asked about what attracted him to the island of Boracay, how he choose the name Boracay Go and also asked what is it that Rick loves about Boracay today.