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Philippines Package

Philippines Package

9 Days & 8 Nights Philippines Travel Package

PHP74,949.00 Per Person (Domestic Flights Included)

The Philippine Islands are beautiful and provide tourist with some of the most fascinating and wondrous destinations to visit, and that's why we have created this wonderful adventure package covering four of the top Philippines destinations. Our Philippines travel package includes everything needed to have a fun and exciting time, completely hassle free.

Our Philippine Package Inclusions:

  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Airline Tickets
  • Land & Sea Transfers (door-to-door)
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Palawan Underground River Tour
  • Palawan City Tour
  • Honday Bay Tour
  • Bohol Countryside Tour
  • Mactan City Tour

Boracay Island, The Longest White Beach in the Philippines

Boracay Beach PhilippinesEnjoy a fun filled Philippines vacation as you tour places like Boracay, where you can see the longest white beach in the Philippines covering some 2.5 miles. It's here on Boracay Beach that you will experience walking and playing on the powder soft white sand that has made Boracay the most toured island in the Philippines.

If you are a lover of sand, sun and fun then Boracay Island is the place for you to visit, anything and everything is possible on Boracay. You will enjoy playing a friendly game of beach volleyball with Filipino and foreign tourist, or maybe you will enjoy snorkeling off the shallow shores of Boracay beach where you can spend countless hours looking at hundreds of species of fish and really cool coral.

Boracay Philippines is definitely the go-to place for anyone and everyone who loves the beach, and since Boracay is receiving over one-million tourist a year, well there must be something to this small tropical island that is located in the Visayas region of the Philippines.

Bohol Island, The Bohol Chocolate Hills

Mag-Aso Falls Bohol PhilippinesNext you can visit Bohol, where you can enjoy countryside tours that will take you to fantastic destinations like Mag-Aso Falls and the Bohol Chocolate Hills, where you can see over one thousand uniquely shaped mounds created from limestone thousands of years ago.

Bohol tours are really the very best, here you can visit so many different historical sites, and all within just one day, and the Bohol beaches are also white, just like so many other Philippines beaches. For example the Alona beach in Bohol is one of the most famous beaches and also the most convenient to many popular hotels and resorts. You will find that the sand here on Alona beach is a powdery soft and just like Boracay, great to walk on with your bare feet, so enjoy.

There are also some really old historical churches on Bohol Island also that you will really like visiting, these make for great pictures. You will also visit the Nova Shell Museum, where you will see thousands of unique shells from all over the world, and you will also see some of the worlds smallest sea shells that will require a magnifying glass to see clearly. 

Palawan Island, The Longest Underground River in the World

Puerto Princesa Underground RiverThen onto Palawan, considered by many to be the last frontier, as this area has seen very little in the way of developement. Enjoy traveling through the mountainous region as you visit the longest underground river in the world, the Palawan Underground River wich is located about 1.5 hours from Puerto Princesa City in the town of Sabang. As you tour the Underground River in Palawan you will see many really fascinating things, the tour guide will also narrate as you tour along inside the cave, informing you of the many different cave attractions.

Enjoy island hopping around Honda Bay in Palawan, where you can experience beautiful white Palawan beaches, snorkeling and feeding the small tropical fish, which normally you can only see in a pet store, but here they are in their natural habitat, it's very exciting.

You will also take a tour of Puerto Princesa City, this is exciting, as you will see just how clean this city is, and you will enjoy talking to the local Filipinos here, they are very warm and friendly and enjoy having foreign visitors.

Cebu Island, Queen City of the South

Magellans Cross in Cebu CityYou will be ending your fantastic Philippines trip in Cebu, called the queen city of the south, here you will take a very interesting Cebu City Tour where you will see some really interesting historical sites like Magellans Cross and Fort San Pedro.

Cebu City is a very exciting place to visit, there is just so much history here, and it's a chance to really learn about the important role Cebu played in dealing with some of the very first Chinese traders.