Heart Award

Rick & Jane St. JohnHello, we are Rick and Jane St. John, we are the founders of WOW Philippines Travel Agency here in Manila. Over the years we have traveled to many top Philippine destinations, and have stayed in some really fantastic hotels and resorts, some very large and oppulent and some very small and simple.

It has always been our intention to find a way to recognize the more unique and special places like Boracay, with a distinct icon, in such a way that it would bring more attention to the specific resort or hotel for our visitors.

In 2006 we introduced our “Heart Award”, a specially designed heart that could be displayed next to the hotels and resorts that we felt offered something special, something out of the ordinary, yet had a very strong appeal. So, when you see a hotel or resort with our special “Heart Award” you will immediately know that Jane and I have personally stayed here, and experienced first hand the warmth and charming atmosphere, provided by the owners and there staff.

Each of the resorts and hotels listed here on our Boracay Packages website are eye-catching and provide convenience and a peaceful ambience on their own merrits.However there are a few of these Boracay hotels that we have personally visited that did stand out, they offered a specific appeal: these are our "stroke of genius de coeur" and so we have decieded to recognized them with our coveted heart.

As you explore our Boracay resort directory you might be amazed to note that some little hotels and resorts offer simple facilities yet they are just teeming with allure, and so for this reason they were offered our Heart Award. Those that are found in amazing areas were additionally offered a similar distinction, where many of the more banal Class AAA hotels were not, this was a deliberate choice on our part.


Rick & Jane St. John

Hotels That Have Earned Our Heart