Boracay Weather

Choose Your Best Time to Visit Boracay

Boracay is such a beautiful island to visit, with excellent weather conditions all year round and occupied by very friendly and charming people from all walks of life, so given this, just about anytime is the best time to take a trip to Boracay. For your convenience in booking your Boracay packages or Boracay hotels we have listed some dates below with information about the Boracay activities most associated within these months, we hope this information will help you when planning your Boracay vacation, and if you need more assistance please contact us, as we are here to help.

Use our Boracay weather guide to plan your vacation:

High Season
High Season
October 16 - May 31
Peak Season
Peak Season
December 20 - January 5
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year
February 12 - 17
Holy Week
Holy Week
March 20 - 26
Low Season
Low Season
Low Season June 01 - October 15

High Season (December 1, thru May 30)
December thru May is considered to be the high season for Boracay tourism, during these months you will find the weather on the main 2.5 Mile Long Boracay Beach and on Bulabog Beach to be quite perfect. The water on the west coast of Boracay is perfect during this time for swimming, with very little if any strong waves. If you are a kite-boarder or windsurfer then Bulabog Beach will be perfect, with strong winds coming from the north east.
During the Boracay high season you can also expect the room rates for all the hotels in Boracay, regardless of location to be quite high in pricing, however there are a few dates that  fall within high season that are considered to be peak times, where room rates will be even higher, it's good to book your hotel package early to avoid paying the high Boracay room rates.
Peak Season (December 22 thru January 10)
Most hotels in Boracay will increase the hotel room rates during the peak season to accommodate the "Christmas" and "New Years" season. If you want a resort or hotel that is beach-front in any of the boat stations 1, 2 or 3, then book at least 6 months in advance, otherwise it's like the lucky draw, whether you get what you want or not.
Chinese New Year (February 9 thru February 14, 2013)
Next to Holy Week the Chinese New Year is the largest and most active, expect to find the beaches of Boracay occupied with literally thousands of vacationers, all celebrating the Chinese New Year. Again, just like in peak season, you should book your hotel and Boracay flights early, the earlier the better, otherwise the beach-front rooms you want may not be available. 
There are now direct flights to Kalibo from Incheon Korea, Shanghai China, Taipei Taiwan and Hong Kong, so with the direct Kalibo flights you will see even more Chinese tourist visit Boracay in the near future, so again it's a really good idea to book your hotel package early, so once you arrive to the island you have no worries trying to find suitable accommodations, you can just check-in to your resort and start enjoying your Boracay holiday.
Holy Week (March 25 thru March 30, 2013)
By far the busiest time of the year for the resorts in Boracay, Holy Week in the Philippines is like "Easter" it's the celebration of Christ Resurrection, and since the Philippines is a heavily Catholic country, this becomes the time to celebrate this very important event. During Holy Week on Boracay you are sure to really experience what Boracay is know for, it's celebrating and the remarkable warmth of the Filipino people, it's truly magical here.
We strongly advise our guest to book your Boracay hotel early, at least 6 to 8 months in advance, for two very important reasons, (1) the best rooms in the beach-front Boracay resorts sell out very fast, and it's always first come, first served, and (2) some Philippines travel agencies buy rooms in advance, and then sell the rooms at an even higher rate, so booking early is good advice.
Low Season (June 1, thru November 30)
Now during this season things change a little bit, first the wind now starts blowing from the north-west, which creates rougher water on the west side of Boracay, and since this is also the rainy season, you will have to contend with scattered showers throughout any given day. With the wind blowing from the west side of Boracay you will also see that many resorts need to put up large plastic barriers in front of their hotels, this is to help prevent the sand from blowing in to the resort. 
How to Book Your Boracay Resort for Low Season Months
I have been to Boracay Island at least 75 times since 2005, with many of those times have been during the low season, and I can say with absolute honesty that I have enjoyed every trip to Boracay during low season. Below are a few tips to help plan ahead.
  1. Check the Caticlan Philippines Weather Forecast for several days in advance of your Boracay vacation, so you will have a good idea about the weather conditions on Boracay Island during your travel dates.
  2. It's a good idea to take along a windbreaker jacket, just in case of light rain or a cool breeze.
  3. Contact Us for information on Cheap Boracay Package Deals during this season, as most Boracay hotels and resorts offer really low rates,