Henna Tattoo Boracay

A henna tattoo is not permanent and will come off naturally after a few days, henna ink is created from the crushed leaves of the Henna Tree, and has been used for thousands of years to dye hair, leather, silk, cotton and many other products, and yes, Henna Ink is safe to use on your skin, and will not harm you. 

As you walk around Boracay Island you will see hundreds of tourist wearing the fashionable Henna Tattoo, for some this is the ultimate Boracay souvenir, it's trendy, looks really cool, and after a few days it will wash off your skin with no lasting trace, pretty cool right? As you walk down the Boracay beach path you will see many tattoo artist applying the henna tattoo's to tourist, generally you can choose from a book the design that you like, and then if there is no waiting you can have a henna tattoo in about 3 minutes or less. 

One of the best place to find the most Henna Tattoo artist is in D Mall area of Boracay Station 2, this is the most active part of the island, and here you will find several artist, and with that comes more designs and sometimes you can even bargain for a better price, but this really depends on how busy the tattoo artist is.