Hand Painted Boracay T-Shirts

Boracay T-ShirtsWithout any doubt I certainly believe that more Boracay T-Shirts are sold on Boracay Island than any other souvenir item found here. You have your choice of type of T-shirt you want, there are the pre-made t-shirts with images and cute sayings already printed on them, these t-shirts are sold in many of the regular retails stores like Crafts Boracay Department Store.

Boracay T-Shirts Hand Painted, Just for You!

Now, if you really want something special for yourself, friend, or family member, then you may rather choose a custom made, just for you, Boracay T-shirt hand painted while you wait by a very talented Filipino artist. These t-shirts are absolutely awesome, and whats really the best is the shirt is made just for you, with your suggested design, there is just no better Boracay sourvenir to take home and to show to all of your friends.

You will find the custom Boracay T-shirt shop located in D Boracay Mall of Boat Station 2, along with many other popular shops selling Boracay souvenirs. If you are ordering more than one t-shirt then ask for a discount, they may be willing to lower the price per shirt if you are willing to buy more than one. Be patient, it will take the Boracay artist about 15 to 20 minutes to create your personalized master piece, so just sit back and relax.