Django Boracay Leather Crafts

Django Leather CraftsOne of my favorite and more unique shops for high quality Boracay Souvenirs is located here on Boracay Island in the Philippines, it's the Django Boracay Leather Crafts store which is located here in D Mall of Boracay Station 2. What makes Django Leather unique is that they handcraft custom leather made items from left-over and recycled leather goods, what a great way to make use of unwanted leather products.

Custom Leather Products, Great Souvenir Gifts!

Django Leather will be happy to custom create a special product for you like, purses, wallets, shoulder bags, coin purses and just about anything else, all dependent on whether or not they have the available leather to create the item.

All of the leather products created by the Django Leather company are made from genuine cow leather, known for it's durability these leather products will last for years, and make perfect gifts for both your family and friends.