Boracay Tattoo Shops

Now, if you are looking for a more permanent Boracay souvenir then you may consider a tattoo, now there are several Boracay tattoo shops around the island, however the majority of the tattoo shops are located in Boracay Station 2, D Boracay Mall and there are also a couple of tatto shops in Boracay Station 3.

So, if you have made the choice to get a Boracay Tattoo, then you will also need to decide what type of tattoo, a Henna Tattoo, which is not permanent and will come offer natually in a few days, or a permanent tattoo that will not ever come off. Now getting a tattoo, whether on Boracay or some other destination should be well thought out, and not a decission made on a quick impulse or when one has had a little to much to drink. 

Permanent Ink Tattoo Shops on Boracay

  • Bebot Tattoo (+639325152073) / Station 3 /