Boracay Souvenirs

Boracay SouvenirsOne of my favorite things to do once I arrive on Boracay Island here in the Philippines, is to search for some really awesome and unique souvenirs to take back to my family and close friends. First of all, Boracay is such a cool place to visit during a holiday, you've got this beautiful 2.5 mile long white Boracay beach to spend endless hours on, and to take in those gorgeous Boracay sunsets, this in itself is just fantastic. 

Now, about Boracay souvenirs, as you walk along the beach path that stretches from the Boracay Terraces, a hotel in Boracay Station 1, and D Boracay Mall which is located in Boracay Station 2, and to the last hotel in Boracay Station 3, which is Asya Premier Suites, you will find so many souvenir shops, selling just about anything you can think of. 

Now as you walk along the beachpath you will see many souvenir vendors sitting on the white sand beach with their items, many of these vendors are local Filipinos from Aklan Province, some are from other islands and have choosen to make Boracay their home. It's ok to bargin with these souvenir vendors, as they have already marked their pricing to accommodate a small discount. 

Barganing Tip: Smile and be friendly with the locals as you bargan for a better price on the Boracay souvenir you would like to have, "do not" shout at the Filipino people or get angry if they cannot or will not accommodate your price, remember always be polite and friendly.

Our Favorite Boracay Sourvenir Shops