Radio Boracay

Radio BoracayRadio Boracay is and FM broadcasting station located on the third (3rd) floor of the Crown Regency Central Hotel in Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay Aklan and can be heard plaing on FM 106.1 playing the "Top 40" of contemporary or what is known today as "POP Music". Radio Boracay started broadcasting during the month of July in 2006, and quickly become popular with both the local Filipinos and foreign tourist.

Enjoy your favorite Boracay song played right here on Radio Boraca, formated to the popular Reggae and cool beach music, after all when you are vacationing on one of the most popular tourist islands in the Philippines, then one would expect to be listening to some of the coolest music out there, and here at Radio Boracay we promise you the best music available.

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Local Boracay Artist

Radio Boracay also helps to promote local musicians and artist, if you have recorded a Boracay Song then let the station know, there is always a chance they may give it a play.