Boracay Hotels in Station 3

Station 3 White Beach Boracay
Boat Station 3 is located on the southwestern part of Boracay Island, over the years this area has been one of the last beachfronts on Boracay to be developed. The white beach in Station 3 is just as nice as what you will find in Boat Stations 1 and 2, having beautiful soft white sand that is powder soft, however some of the beachfronts here are not quite as wide, so many of the Boracay hotel developers decided to concentrate their efforts on Boat Station 2
Over the past few years though, Boat Station 3 has seen a lot of development, there have been many new hotels built here, including some large 5 star type Boracay beach resorts. You will find that there are over 70 Boracay Hotels in Station 3, all of excellent quality.
One of the really nice aspects of Boracay beach in Station 3 is the really nice shallow shore of the beachfront, this is an excellent place for childrend to play, here the waves are generally smaller. There is also some really good snorkeling at the far end of Station 3, and it's also very quite here.

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