Boracay Hotels in Station 2

Boracay Station 2There are just over 95 Boracay Hotels in Station 2, with the majority of them located along the 2.5 mile long powder soft white sand beachfront that has consistently made Boracay Island one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines. The hotels here in station 2 range from small backpacker hotels to large triple-A class resorts with every amenity available for their guest. 

Why is Boat Station 2 So Popular?

Boat Station 2 is centrally located, and it's in this area that you will find over 200 bars, clubs and restaurants serving both Filipino and International food all prepared by culinary experts trained in their native country. Once here in station 2 you are really close to everything, just about any destination on the island is within 30 minutes by tricycle or small van, so this is really why most tourist want to be in station 2.

Shopping & Department Stores

Station 2 is also where you will find the main shopping center, D' Mall, here you will find many small mom and pop type stores along with some boutique shops that sell unique items including handmade crafts created by local Filipinos. This area also has a small grocery store called the Budget Mart, they sell just about everything you can thing of, including many popular name brand items. 

Crafts of Boracay department store is also located here, selling all types of home appliances, electronics, clothes, and they also have a grocery store selling major name brand items. Crafts of Boracay also offers a really nice deli, here you can by different cheeses, cold meats, oils, seasonings and other specialty items not easily obtained on a small tropical island in the middle of the ocean.

Fun Activities

D' Mall also has a few fun activities for kids, there is a 30 foot tall rock climbing wall for those who would like to test their skill in rock climbing, there is also a small Ferris Wheel located at the very center of the Boracay Mall, there is also a small arcade with different games, including a basketball game called "Hoops".

Featured Hotels in Boracay Station 2