Boracay Hotels in Station 1

Station 1 Boracay
Known at one time as Boat Station 1, is located on the nothwestern part of Boracay Island, here you will find some of whitest and powder soft sand of any of the 13 Boracay beaches. What you will find most unique about the beach of Boracay Station 1 is how wide the beachfront is, which makes this area perfect for beach volleyball, frisbee and other island games.
Here in Boracay Station 1 is also where you will find the famous Willy's Rock, one of the most photographed rocks on the island of Boracay. This large rock was formed thousands of years ago from lava created by volcanic eruptions.
Due to the unique shape of Willy's Rock and the small grotto at the top that holds a statue of the Mother Mary, making this a very popular tourist attraction.
Featued Boracay Hotels in Station 1
There are over 75 Boracay hotels in station 1, everything from luxury beachfront resorts to beautiful garden hotels that offer complete privacy and seclusion. Here at Boracay Packages website we have over 300 Boracay Hotels and 300 3 Day and 2 Night Boracay Pacakges to choose from, with each hotel listing providing a wealth of information that includes both hotel pictures and videos.

Featured Hotels in Boracay Station 1