Christmas on Boracay Beach

Boracay ChristmasChristmas on Boracay Island in the Philippines, is a very special time, it's here on this tropical island that the island atmosphere completely changes from a summer fun destination to that of something really special on the eve of Christmas day.

As you walk down the main white beach located on the west side of the island you quickly notice how the many beach resorts have decorated their beachfront in the Christmas spirit. You will enjoy listing to Christmas music play from one resort to the next as you walk the beachfront, and it leaves one with an interesting feeling as you walk barefoot on the soft white sand that Boracay has become so famous for.

The local Filipinos that live on Boracay are always very friendly, greeting you with a big smile, however during the Christmas holiday season you will find that the locals are even more joyous, as Filipinos love to celebrate, and due to the strong Catholic roots in the Philippines, this holiday seems to take on an even more special feeling. 

Book Your Boracay Trip Early To Avoid Disappointment 

It is highly recommended that you book your Boracay holiday early, as early as 3 to 6 months before your travel date, there are two very distinct reasons for this, please see below. Here at WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila we offer over 300 Boracay Hotels along with 300 Boracay Packages already set for 3 days and 2 nights, feel free to contact us to add additional nights to any hotel package listed here.

  1. Most people coming to Boracay for their Christmas vacation will want to have beachfront rooms, so therefore popular hotels and resorts located on the long white Boracay beach are going to sell out first.
  2. During the holiday seasons, the closer you get to the specific date, the harder it becomes to find flights to Boracay, especially flying into the Caticlan Airport, you may also choose the Kalibo Airport, with direct flights from China and Korea. It's best to book your entire package with flights at least 3 to 6 months in advance, to ensure you get the dates, times and resort you want.