Family Fun on Boracay Beach

Family Fun on Boracay BeachBoracay is one of the Philippines most popular tourist destinations, and has been since the late 1970's, however it's not been until the late 1990's that people started to become aware of this small tropical island paradise.

It's here on Boracay Island that families from all around the world will come, year after year to enjoy the crystal clear water and the awesome powder soft white sand that feels absolutely incredible on your bare naked feet.

Besides the warm water, soft sand and unlimited amounts of sunshine, Boracay Philippines is also popular with families with children, and the main reason for this is due to the very shallow shoreline. Boracay beach is very safe for children of all ages, provided they are accompanied by their parents or guardian. There are no strong currents or undertows around Boracay beach, and no sharks, making Boracay the go-to beach destination.

As you walk along the western shore of Boracay Island, you will find children of all ages playing along the shoreline, creating sand castles, picking up sea-shells and of course playing in the water. 

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