D Mall Boracay

D Boracay MallD Mall Boracay is located at the center of Boracay Island in an area known by locals as Boracay Station 2. Here at D Mall Boracay you will find hundreds of restaurants serving everything from local Filipino dishes to international cuisine, cool bars serving all types of local and international beers, and some very unique one of a kind boutique shops selling everything from designer swim suites to handbags and everything in between.

At the center of D Mall Boracay you will find some fun Boracay activities like a "Rock Wall" and a "Ferris Wheel" also known as an observation wheel. The rock wall is a really popular activity with the younger people, where they can test their skill level for climbing. The rock wall a D Mall in Boracay is well maintained with each person given their own assistant that holds a safety rope, so you do not have to worry about falling. 

The most interesting attraction in D Mall of Boracay area  is the Ferris Wheel, it is small having only eight small compartments for seating, however the best time to experience the Boracay Ferris Wheel is in the evening as the sun is starting to set, from this time you will have a wonderful view of D Mall area and you'll also enjoy the mall area with all of it's lighting.

Some of the best times to visit Boracay Island is during the holiday season, (see our Boracay weather chart),  it's during the holiday seasons that you will find D Mall Boracay very active with tourist from all over the world, all enjoying the beautifully decorated beach-front as-well-as the Boracay Mall. We have put together a small video of a walk through of the Boracay Mall, check it out, we are sure you will enjoy.