Crocodile Island

Crocodile IslandCrocodile Island is a very small rock-like island that is located off the southeast coast of Boracay Island. Crocodile Island is uninhabited, although it does have a very small beach, and one can go here to look around. What is most significant about this small island is that there are some really good scuba diving spots located around here, so if you love diving, then you will definitely want to check this area out.

Many tourist visiting Boracay have asked about why the name, "Crocodile Island"? They are under the impression that there are crocodiles that live there, well no this is not true. The island received it's name due to it's shape and size, from a fare distance you will see that that island is shaped similar to that of a crocodile, with the south end being more narrow and pointed like that of a crocodile nose.

There are many small islands that surround Boracay Island, there is Crystal Cove Island which offers some really cool caves, that offer excellent exploring opportunities, as-well-as a really nice beach area for sunbathing, and this area is also popular with snorkeling enthusiast. There is also the nearby Carabao Island, which is another great destination for scuba diving, and there are also some really nice white beaches on Carabao Island, that are relatively quiet and with very few tourist.