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Carabao Island

Caraboa IslandCarabao Island is located in the province of Romblon, here in the Philippines, and is also very close to both Tablas Island and Boracay Island in the south China Sea. Carabao Island is fast becoming a go-to destination due to it's beautiful white sand beaches and clear water, which is great for both swimming and snorkeling. Over the years there has been talk about building the Boracay International Airport here, however at this time, this has not happened.

What many tourist visiting the Philippines and Boracay specifically are unaware of, is just how large Carabao Island really is, there are currently about 10,000 or so residents who live and work here, who do depend on tourist visiting to the island and staying at the various Carabao Island hotels and Carabao Island restaurants for their livelihood. 

How do I get to Carabao Island?

There a couple of different ways for you to visit Carabao Island, one of the best ways is to have the travel and tour agents working for WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Pasig City, Ortigas Center, Manila do the booking for you, this will be hassle free and include all of your transportation including your domestic airline ticket purchase, flying either from Manila or Cebu. Once you leave the Manila International airport you will fly to one of two airports serving both Carabao Island and Boracay Island, these airports are the Caticlan Domestic Airport and the Kalibo International Airport, both located in Panay Island.

Caticlan Domestic Airport

From Manila flying to the airport of Caticlan town, will take approximately 45 to 50 minutes, once you arrive in Caticlan you will be driven either by a van or bus to the jetty port area, from here you can take a privately operated pump boat directly to Carabao Island. However if you have never been here before, and if you have not made prior arrangements, then we recommend using a travel agency to arrange your transportation and hotel accommodations.

Kalibo International Airport

Flying from the Manila International Airport you can expect your flight time to be anywhere from 45 to 50 minutes, these are larger planes with jet engines, rather than the smaller and noisier prop-plane. Once you arrive here in Kalibo you will need to take a bus or van to the town of Caticlan, which is about a 1.5 hour trip, through very scenic countryside, with a road that is nicely paved and well kept. The drive from Caticlan to Kalibo is a nice opportunity for foreigners especially to see the beauty of the Philippines country, large rice fields with farmers working, provincial schools, and much more.

Again, once you arrive in Caticlan you will need to take a boat either to Carabao Island or to Boracay, which ever you prefer. If you go to Boracay and later wish to visit Carabao Island, then this is no problem, as you can hire a boat to take you there.