Cagban Beach Jetty Port

Cagban Beach Jetty Port BoracayThe Cagban Beach Jetty Port is located at the southern end of Boracay, a small tropical island located in the western part of the Visayas region of the Philippines, and the number 1 tourist destination for Filipinos and foreign tourist. 

The 2.5 mile long white sand Boracay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines and quite possibly all of Asia. Tourist from all around the world come here in droves just to have this fantastic experience, walking on white sand that is as soft as baby powder, really!

Arriving Onto Boracay Island

Pump-boat with double outriggers

You will leave the jetty port located at the town of Caticlan on Panay Island, just a fifteen (15) minute ride away by a pump-boat with double outriggers. The pump-boat can carry anywhere from 20 to 60 persons, depending on it's capacity size, and each person is required to where an orange life-vest in the event of an accident.

Once you arrive at the Caticlan Jetty Port your boat will dock at the long concrete pier, from here you will walk to the welcome center, where you will be required by Philippine law to pay both and environmental tax and the Cagban Beach jetty port tax. However if you book your 3 Day & 2 Night Boracay Package Deal here at our Boracay Packages website which is owned and operated by WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Pasig City, Ortigas Center, Manila Philippines, we pay this tax for you, in advance of your arrival, it's hassle free.

Finding Transportation at the Cagban Beach Jetty Port

Tricycles at Cagban Jetty PortOnce you have made your way through the welcome center here at Cagban Beach you will need to find some land transportation that will take you to your designated Boracay hotel or resort. Now, if you did your hotel booking through the good folks here at WOW Philippines Travel Agency then no need to read any further, because we will arrange your transportation, everything is included in your Boracay vacation package.

If you are a backpacker traveling alone and would like to arrange your own hotel transport then you can hire a tricycle or a van, there are many vehicles here for hire, but shopping around is recommended to get the best rate.


Caticlan Domestic Airport on Panay Island

Kalibo International Airport on Panay Island