Boracay Vacation

Mary Jane Bangga Saint John on Vacation in BoracayHello everyone, I'm Mary Jane Bangga-Saint John of WOW Philippines Travel Agency located here in Pasig City, Ortigas Center, Metro-Manila Philippines. I want to just take a few minutes to tell everyone about the best place in the world to have a fun family vacation, and this place is called Boracay Island, which is located here in the western Visayas Region of the Philippine Islands, and is part of Aklan Province, where I am originally from.

From our travel agency in Manila I get asked all the time, what is so special about Boracay?

Well, first of all it has one of the nicest and longest white beaches found anywhere in the Philippines, but most importantly it's the Aklanon people that make Boracay such a special place for a nice tropical vacation, as they are so friendly and inviting, always greeting you with a friendly smile and a warm handshake.

Why a Vacation on Boracay Island?

For every Boracay vacation that I have had, I can honestly say that I have always went back home wishing I could have stayed on the island longer, as I said the main Boracay beach is the main attraction, located on the western side of Boracay it stretches out some 2.5 miles and offers tourist some of the softest and whitest sand that you have ever laid your bare feet upon, and that is a sure promise.

Safety, No Major Crimes on Boracay.

Also you will find that the island of Boracay is quite safe from crime, yes you will here about petty theft and things along this line, but it is practically unheard of to hear about the more serious crimes, which are pretty much non-existent. There is a large number of police that patrol the island, and if you have any questions or concerns you can easily speak to any police officer, as they are very helpful and friendly.

Crystal Clear Waters Surround the Island of Boracay!

What you will also find during your Boracay vacation is that the water that surrounds the island is really clean, and just so blue, that once you are in the water you may not ever want to come out. Also the water that surrounds Boracay is very shallow with not hard currents, so this makes it ideal for families with children, since the kids can play in the water, and the parents do not have to worry so much.

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