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Aklan Country Side Tour

Now you can enjoy your stay on the island of Boracay even more, with our new Boracay tour packages that will take you onto Panay Island, here you can explore and have a real adventure. Please contact our WOW Philippines Travel Agency office for details on booking.

Package Tour Inclusions:

  • Hotel & Resort Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Air-conditioned Van
  • Entrance Fees
  • Lunch
  • Tour Guide
  • Full Day Tour (9) Hours



Hurom Hurom Cold Springs Aklan PhilippinesAfter a brief instruction by your tour guide you will begin your Eco trip to Nabas Aklan, here you will experience the natural cold springs of Hurom Hurom. This fantastic destination is a really cool alternative to the warm waters found around Boracay.

However the Hurom Hurom Cold Springs offer a different type of experience, here you can take a swim in cool fresh water that comes directly from the natural springs, it's not going to get more pure than this.

If you enjoy being outdoors and like nature, then it is recommended that you try this tour, it's off the beaten path, so you will not see that many tourist here, it's nice and private and quite, perfect for nature lovers.

Special Note: Guest should bring there swimming suites if they wish to swim in the cold springs.

Jawili Falls of Seven Basins

Jawili Falls Aklan PhilippinesExperience a really beautiful part of Aklan Philippines, the Jawili Falls of Seven Basins offers seven (7) really fantastic fresh water pools that all accend in a series to create a wonderful waterfall. Not far from the waterfall you will also find the Jawili Beach, and excellent place for an afternoon picnic, or just relax with the sound of the waterfall, and the sun beaming down on you.

Nearby there is a small fishing village where you can interact with locals, and if you are into photography this is a great area to photograph some of the interesting fishing boats. You will find life here very slow paced, and the perfect place to relax and just enjoy the natural surroundings.

Special Note: This is an excellent area for photography, be sure to bring your camera and a tripod.

Campo Verde

As we travel through the to our next destination we will pass through Campo Verde which is a National Park in Ibajay Aklan, and excellent place for personal or company retreats. You will also find the hiking and sightseeing here to be just fantastic, most of this area is completely undeveloped and thats what makes it just so perfect.

Sampaguita Gardens

We will not proceed to the Sampaguita Gardens where you will enjoy a wonderful lunch that has been prepared by your tour guide. Here at Sampaguita Gardens you will also have the chance to visit their mini-museum called the "Precious Moments Gallery", honoring the work of Sam Butcher, there are also other galleries opening in this area also, so when you come back there will be even more to see.

Not Just for Children

Located directly in front of Jojo's Christmas Cottage you will see Sammy's Circus Rides, a small merry-go-around a ferris-wheel and a small mini-train offer children of all ages a lot of enjoyment. You can enjoy the rides at Sammy's from 9am until 9pm, and if you are here between the hours of 4:30 and 5:30 you children can ride for free, and this is every afternoon day.

Once you enter Sammy's Showboat you will find a well stocked library and a children's center that offers many interactive games that are very educational and fun, your children will love it here. The children can enjoy all types of books, movies, coloring books, story-telling and so many other fun and exciting activities.

There is even a 43 foot aquarium that is very colorful and filled with all types of fish, your children are sure to enjoy their day here at Sammy's Circus Rides.

The Gardens

As you enter the beautifully landscaped gardens you are greeted by two large bronze horse statues that stand guard here at the entrance. The promoting aroma of Ylang-ylang pervades as you stroll the stone walkways created by Sam Butcher. Next are the twisting roads lined with koi fish ponds, animals created by concrete products, containers and other types of ceramic decorations, and sculptures and effigies that supply realistic possibilities.

The Oriental Garden is a prominent location for yard wedding celebrations. The Spa Garden is a sanctuary for leisure. It is situated in a rather remote edge of the hotel, far from the typical maddening group. This is a perfect location for really intimate wedding celebrations and little functions.

The Spa Garden is a tranquil area for pictures and memories. In the heart of the Chapel Garden is a Bird Bath in the middle of angel blossoms, hibiscus blossoms in various shades, the ever before prominent Calachuchi (Frangipani) and palm plants.

The Butterfly Farm and Souvenir Shop

This location has everything to do with expanding butterfly population for butterflies that are native to the island offering present day solutions that are focusing on butterflies and how to enrich their environment. The Butterfly Farm and Gift Shop levels are open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Jojo's Christmas Cottage

Here at Jojo's Christmas Cottage we celebrate Christmas 365 days a year. You will really enjoy our 3-storey Victorian home that is filled from one end to the other with precious items, here you will find many of the worlds brand name products. Priceless mementos like bisque porcelain figurines, dollies and various other products are located here on the fist floor.

The 2nd floor of our building others many other types of memento products and other items from firms in regards to item advancement, style, and advertising.

Santa's Workshop is set at the 3rd floor where a few of our own products are produced, primarily by part-time employees.

  • Jojo’s Christmas Cottage here in Aklan is open daily from 8:00am until 9:00pm

Boracay Helicopter Tours

Boracay Helicopter ToursWe are pleased to introduced Boracay helicopter adventures, a premiere first class helicopter tour, we are the only helicopter tour operating on this beautiful island since November 2006. 

Guest will definitely enjoy the first class operation of the our professional pilot and our brand new Robinson Raven 11 R44 helicopter with the capacity of three (3) passengers and (1) pilot.

In regards with this, we would like to propose a special package for your VIP guests, or for your personal use, since we can offer faster and more comfortable transfers as well as providing and awesome aerial sightseeing tour, see the island of Boracay and the nearby Carabao Island as you have never seen them before.

We also accept charter tours and medical evacuation (airlift). 

  • Our helicopter operation is until sunset only.

Beach Tour – Php 4,000.00 per person, minimum of two ( 2) 

Experience a helicopter ride along the shoreline and see the wonderful white sand beach and enjoy the Boracay island on top.

  • The flight is approximately total of 10 mins.

Island Tour – Php 5,800.00 per person, minimum of two ( 2) 

Discover the beauty of the island from its height as we fly you from Tambisaan reef, Bulabog beach, Puka Shell beach,Diniwid Beach, to the famous front side White Beach. Enjoy the island from point to point, the bat cave, the gateway arch, the hotels and resorts from the top and many more.

  • The flight is approximately total of 15 mins.

VIP or Sunset Tour – Php 8,000.00 per person, minimum of two ( 2) 

A stunning flight to the beautiful reefs, astonishing beaches and bays of the Boracay and Carabao Island. A spectacular land and sea sceneries… A breath-taking helicopter ride as you watch the sun goes down during sunset. A romantic flight for couples.

  • The flight is approximately total of 20 mins.

Charter Tour/ Flight – Php 40,500.00 per hour. Php 4,000.00/ standby hour or waiting. 

The flight includes all the above mentioned tour, plus island hopping to Carabao Island. Minimum of one hour flight. Take off and landing fee a 12% carrier tax are charged. Terms and condition are applied.