Boracay Song

Boracay SongBoracay is a very small, yet beautiful tropical island set in a quite part of the western Visayas region of the Philippines Islands. Boracay first became known to a handful of tourist back in the 1970's, mostly the island was visited by musicians, artists, actors and by the wealthy and the elite, after all getting to such a remote island took some doing. However, for those that could afford to make this trip on a yearly basis were rewarded with the unspeakable beauty of it's 2.5 mile long white sand beach, with sand that was not only as white as snow, but also powder soft, unlike any other white beach in the Philippines, and there are many. 

Over the years the word about this beautiful Boracay Island got passed around, and before you know it Boracay soon becomes one of the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines, now being visited by over a million tourist every year. Now with this being said, it seems that someplace this special should have it's own song, something that says, hey I'm special and I know it.

Fun Facts:

  • During the mid to late 1970's many artist and musicians hung out together on Artista Beach, which is today known as Diniwid Beach.
  • Artista Beach Villa is a small resort located on Diniwid Beach, but derived it's name from the fond memories experienced on Artista Beach.

Latest Song about Boracay

Boracay Go Song

Now, let us introduce to you the song BORACAY GO, with music and lyrics written by, by and performed on the CD by Rick St. John of WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila.

Boracay Go is a pretty special song, that in detail describes why Boracay is so special and what it's really all about, and the song encourages you to go visit this fantastic tropical island, with it's long white beaches, tall coconut palms, gracious sunsets and ice cold beer, it's no wonder at all why it's the place where friends go.