Boracay Massage & Spa Treatments

Boracay Massage & Spa CentersWhen vacationing on the beautiful island of Boracay here in the Philippines, your holiday may not be so complete until you have experienced a fantastic Boracay massage at any number of the islands top massage and spa treatment facilities. Many of the Boracay massage centers are located along the famous Boracay Beach that stretches out along the west coast of the island some 2.5 miles. So, from the beginning of Boracay Station 1, on through Boracay Station 2 and all the way down to the end of Boracay Station 3 you will find many nice Boracay spas, and we have listed a few of the top rated ones here.

There are over 300 Boracay resorts on the island, and many of the nicer upscale hotels do offer some type of massage spa, whether it's a full service spa that includes different types of full body massages, or also facials, foot spa, and more. If you are getting one of our fantastic money saving Boracay packages then we can even include a nice Boracay massage treatment, just let our friendly travel agents know exactly what you would like.


A beautiful health and massage center located near to the famous Boracay white beach in boat station 3 in Manoc-Manoc. You can reach them by either phone or email, ask for Catherine Gigare.

Office Phone: 036 288 2590




Located on the top floor of the Boracay Regency Beach Resort, here you can enjoy the very finest in health spa treatments, from massage therapist trained by the finest professionals from abroad.

You can book your Regency Spa package today through BORACAY GO!