McDonalds Restaurant

McDonalds Restaurant BoracayAlthough the island of Boracay is small, they are not without the many creature comforts of many big cities. As of July 2017 this island paradise offers tourist a McDonalds. Micky D's, as it is affectionately known by the local Filipinos, offers a very similar menu as what you will find in Manila. All of their popular burgers are here, the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese and those delicious fries, YES!! However, due to location, after all Boracay is an island located in the western Visayan region of the Philippines, so some of their popular specials like the McRib are not here.

So where is McDonalds in Boracay located you ask? Great question. McDonalds is located at the very heart of Boracay Island, in what is known as boat station 2. Hennan Regency Hotel is located just behind Micky D's place, so it's very easy to find, and it's beachfront. There are also many other Boracay Hotels and Resorts in this area, so no matter where you stay, you are just a few minutes walk away from a delicious burger.

This area is fully loaded with over 200 restaurants, cafe's, diner's and eateries, of all types. You can get to McDonalds restaurant directly from the main Boracay White Beach path, or from the main road leading, via a service road that connects white beach to the main road. 

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