Jammers Burgers

Jammers Burger RestaurantIf you think dining at Boracay is expensive, wait until you encounter Jammer’s Burger Restaurant. This food joint is actually fast-food, one of the firsts in the white-sand island. Jammer’s can be easily found within the popular D’ Mall, where some of the famous restaurants in Boracay can be easily spotted. 

Late night dining is offered at the restaurant. That is because it is just one of the few food establishments that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is not surprising to see Jammer’s Restaurant crowded during the wee hours of the night. Many Boracay vacationers drop by after partying around the whole night. The location is also strategic for watching people pass by. 

The beachfront burger site prides itself in offering the best burgers on the island of Boracay. The owner and operator of the restaurant is a New Yorker. Thus, you can see little Western traces in the menu and the overall style. 

One of the main selling features of Jammer’s is its very affordable and reasonable price list. You can feast on a regular hamburger for about P80 (about $2). Their monster and bigger sized double burger is sold at about P155. The ketchup-heavy burgers can easily be your favorite beach snack. Side dishes to the burgers are as palatable. Enjoy the oily salted French fries with carbonated soft drinks on the side. Yes, yes, you may worry about your diet, but indulgence once in a while will surely not hurt you. 

Other appetizing fast food offerings on the menu include the hotdogs and cheesedog burgers. Take note that the hotdogs and sausages used are specially and specifically ordered from a Manila-based German deli. That is why you will surely savor the taste. Burgers are noticeably made of real meat. Fish fillets are equally interesting and mouth watering. Fast food will never be the same again at Jammer’s. 

Who says delicious food should come in astronomical price tags? It can be hard to find cheap food joints to eat at on the White Sand Beach Boracay. But once you get inside Jammer’s, you will realize that you have found what you are looking for. Jammer’s Restaurant definitely brings value to your money.

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