Hennan Garden Restaurant

Hennan Garden RestaurantIf you are aiming to find good accommodation on your holiday vacation at Boracay, you should come to Hennan Boracay Hotel near Boracay Boat Station 2. Stroll across the famous Boracay White Beach and you will surely easily spot the location of this exciting and fun beach resort and hotel. Aside from the outstanding amenities, facilities and special services, Hennan Boracay is also well known for its unique and very enticing in-house food joint, the Hennan Garden Restaurant. 

To know more about this restaurant, it will be more appropriate if a little backgrounder about the hotel resort will be determined. To begin with, Hennan Garden Resort that features up to 67 quality and five-star rooms furnished with the most modern facilities. Thus, it is not surprising that from Garden guests alone, there will already be more than enough people and vacationers who can flock and fill the restaurant. The hotel resort is also in a beachfront, so expect to see fabulous sights and be able to take pictures of the sea and the beach nearby. 

Hennan Boracay Restaurant is a special dining establishment that is located behind the hotel resort’s central garden. The site is adjacent to a large swimming pool. Thus, ambiance in this Boracay Restaurant is undeniably impressive and refreshing at the same time. The restaurant, which is also a bar, has a really different ambiance that is further imparted by impressive and high bamboo-nipa roof. The materials used are native and are ideal for tropical settings to give the interior a unique and cooler atmosphere especially during hot scorching summer days. 

Barbeque Chicken with Rice and Fresh Vegetables. 

Chicken Barbecue Hennan RestaurantAs for the food offered, the Hennan Garden Restaurant is actively providing international, Filipino and of course Chinese dishes. Do not be surprised to find several Japanese cuisines at the menu; the restaurant aims to further broaden its variety. The top specialties are the spicy Korean dish Bulgogi and the Mongolian Barbeque. Both dishes are served on buffet so guests can freely have more and enjoy real indulgence. The restaurant has spent considerable amount of time and efforts to find, hire and further train skilled and reliable chefs, who prepare specialty dishes with utmost and apparent passion. 

As mentioned, Hennan Garden Restaurant is also a bar. As such, expect to find and enjoy good music and great beverages that all complement a flood of good food. If you like to relax and unwind after a long day outdoors, come to Garden Restaurant and enjoy a few bottles of booze or fine wine after your dinner. Nothing can be greater than that as a refreshing vacation activity. Usually, there are live entertainment events to further enliven the bar area. And oh, it may add to the excitement to know that Garden Boracay Restaurant and Bar has a medium-priced menu.

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