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Hawaiian Barbecue Restaurant in BoracayThere is no doubt that Hawaiian-Barbecue Boracay Restaurant is an oasis where vacationers can find and eat the finest food while on a holiday getaway in Boracay, the premier beachfront island in the Philippines. All year round, the food joint is jam packed especially during mealtime. This is just a proof and indication that indeed, tourists are loving the restaurant’s mouth-watering cuisines. 

This popular food establishment is found in a beachfront site near Boat Station 1. If you like to dine in overlooking the beautiful beach, Hawaiian Barbecue Boracay is the best eating location for you. You may love to take pictures of the famous Boracay white beach while you feast on the sumptuous meals served. It is thus not surprising that this appetizing restaurant is fast figuring out as among the must try restaurants in Boracay but also in the whole of the Philippines. If you are checked in at any of the nearby , you will surely get an instant or convenient access to the site. 

Apparently, Hawaiian Barbecue in Boracay is taking pride most at its roster of dishes in the menu. To stick to the theme set by its name, Hawaiian Barbecue is mostly offering Hawaiian inspired cuisines. On top of the specialties is the appealing Hawaiian Baby Back Ribs. Regular customers are raving about the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. To make matters more interesting, the ribs are not hassle to eat as you do not need a physical struggle just to take off the meat from the bones. 

As if Hawaiian ribs is still not enough, patrons are also usually ordering Waikiki Honey Mustard Ribs. The baby ribs are sauced with a mouth watering concoction of thyme and honey mustard. The Lualla Ribs is infused with aromatic peppercorn garlic sauce, slowly roasted in an crockery. The Beef Ribs is also to die for. 

True to its name again is Hawaiian Bar-B-Que’s barbeque dishes. Heading the list will be the famous Barbeque Platter, which comes with pork barbeque, fish barbeque and chicken barbeque, served in bundle with barbeque corn, barbeque mussels, pork belly and sample shrimp. The restaurant’s specialty Hawaiian Barbeque Plates are served with rice along with a side-dish, usually coleslaw or macaroni salad. The famous Blue Marlin Barbeque is also a steal. 

Because it is Hawaiian, there are unique tropical dishes in the menu. Coconut milk dishes are standouts. Simply Choco Coco is roasted chicken rubbed with rich coconut milk and lusciously served with coconut salsa. You should be curious and interested about the Aloha Seafood Special, which consists of sautéed meat in chili cpices, garlic n’ chives and again coconut milk. 

The ambiance is very tropical, casual and at night romantic. There is just a practical warning before you prefer to dine on the beachfront portion of Hawaiian-Bar-B-Que. Outdoors, your food can easily get cold due to the chilly breeze from the sea. Take note that barbeque and more particularly rib cuisines are better and more flavorful when eaten warm. as for the price tags, Hawaiian-Bar-B-Que Boracay is quite a reasonable food joint considering its unique and really tasty sets of menu.

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