Fridays Beachfront Restaurant

Fridays Boracay Beachfront RestaurantWhite Beach in Boracay is adorned with numerous restaurants. A standout among those food joints is Fridays Boracay Restaurant and Bar located in boat station 1, directly on the famous White Beach of Boracay Island. The food joint is spacious enough to be able to accommodate up to 120 guests at the same time. The dining facilities are just exquisite and are surely satisfactory for the discerning holiday vacationers. The restaurant sits at the beachfront, just in front of the nice Fridays Boracay Resort Villas.

The diversified menu is most interesting. Dishes are mostly fusions of European, Asian and of course, Filipino cuisines. The Grill buffet is considered a signature meal in the restaurant and is exclusively served only on Fridays. This strategy has made the clamor for the buffet even stronger. Food specialties include fresh salads, creamy risotto, sandwiches and crusty pizza. Snacks served in between lunch and dinner is truly appetizing. 

Special and exclusive dishes include the Magret de Canard (Duck Breast), Foie Gras (Fresh Goose) Lamb Shank, Ostrich Steak, Chicken roulade and Sea Bass. Pastries offered are equally sumptuous. That is because pastry chefs are internationally trained. 

To make the menu interesting all the time, Fridays Boracay restaurant constantly change themes of its dishes, especially the buffet offerings. The restaurant’s fresh seafood grill comprises of freshly caught lobsters, blue marlins, squid, prawns and other seafood. Your dining experience while on the holiday vacation will truly be more than memorable. 

Fridays Boracay Restaurant and Bar is unique in that guests are offered options. Enter the restaurant and choose whether you want to be seated under the tropical cogon roof or in the Al Fresco dining on the terrace. The overall ambiance is most loved by tourists, who make Fridays on top of their list of favorite Boracay restaurants. 

Fridays restaurant in Boracay transforms into a bar especially during what Fridays call the ‘Happy Hour’. Life is celebrated daily from 3pm to 6pm. The stage mounts an entertainment event featuring the best guitarists and musical performers in an effort to boost guests’ energy and engagement. Occasionally, the bar and restaurant organizes different cultural programs as well. 

Fridays Bar and Restaurant opens daily from as early as 6:30 am to as late as 11pm, sometimes later especially when there are special events. The menu items as well as the beverages are premium priced, but surely, quality of food and ambiance of the location will surely commensurate. If you want to enjoy dining and drinking while in Boracay, Fridays will definitely be on your itinerary.

Contact Info:

  • 036.288.6200

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