D’ Hobbit House Restaurant

D Hobbit House Boracay RestaurantD’ Hobbit House Boracay Restaurant is one of the most swooned restaurants in Boracay. The food servings are just sumptuous and appetizing. Actually, D’ Hobbit House is not unique to Boracay as there is an older sister branch in Manila. However, when taken in comparison along with other booming and in-demand restaurants in the island, D’ Hobbit House restaurant is very unique and distinct from the rest. 

First of all, D’ Hobbit House in Boracay is the only popular and well patronized restaurant in the Philippines that are hiring little people as waiters, attendants and even chefs. By now you must be aware that the name of this Boracay restaurant was culled from the popular benevolent dwarf characters in famous Lord of the Rings novels by author J.R. Tolkien. The novels were also turned into motion pictures, a move that further boosted its popularity. 

Bilbo's Bar at D Hobbit House in BoracayBack to the D’ Boracay Hobbit House, customers are thrilled with the uniqueness of the restaurant. Not only is the company commendable for bringing out productivity among little people. The food joint is also bringing out some of the most popular and sumptuous meals that make vacations at Boracay more enjoyable and unforgettable. 

The resto can be found at D’ Mall Boracay, at the center where you can easily find the best, most interesting and most distinct food establishments in Boracay. Aside from enjoying the warm and hospitable company of small-sized personnel from the restaurant, D’ Hobbit is also a good place where customers can simply sit back and watch people pass by. Of course, you should do that holding a cold bottle of beer of feasting on one of the finger foods sold. 

Live Music On Weekends at D Hobbit House in BoracayPasta dishes are the specialty of D’ Boracay Hobbit House. Aside from carbonara and spaghetti dishes, there are also many items in the menu that you should try out. The restaurant is actually offering international and fusion style foods, so for sure, you will have a wider and greater array of choices. 

The ambiance is friendly and comfortable, not to mention, very wholesome. At certain times of the day, D’ Hobbit House in Boracay is mounting entertainment performances by folk-style bands. Such acts make the surroundings and the feel more warm and accommodating, especially to foreign vacationers. Add to the friendly atmosphere is the willingness of waiters and other stuff to have their pictures taken as souvenirs from eating at the restaurant. 

Through time, it has been proven that the formula used and implemented by D’ Boracay Hobbit House as a specialty and unique restaurant is working. It may not be the tried and tested one, but look at the success D’ Hobbit House has achieved. The restaurant is a good reason to feast on sumptuous dishes while in Boracay.

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  • 036.288.6687

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