Cyma Greek Restaurant

CYMA Greek Restaurant in BoracayWithin D’Mall Boracay Plaza can be found Cyma Boracay Restaurant. The food joint is serving Greek food, which is prepared and presented with a distinct Filipino feel. The restaurant can be familiar to many local tourists because there is a branch in Manila. However, for the enthusiasts and admirers of the Manila branch, trying out the original branch is a must especially when they drop by the fantastic white-sand island of Boracay. 

Cyma is a real Greek treat in the tropical island of Boracay. The menu is highly appetizing. If you are not very familiar with Greek cuisines, you will not only be curious but extremely interested to try out what the restaurant has to offer. The most recommended dishes include the Chicken Gyro, which is served with potatoes. Cyma Chopped Salad is delectable as it is served with blue cheese, walnuts and green vegetable. For meat lovers, Cyma Lamb Chops is perfect because it is at the same time served with rice stuffed with pepper or with potatoes. 

On your first time, do not forget to order Htipiti, which is a dip of feta with cream cheese, EVOO and spicy roasted peppers. The dish comes with pita bread. You will be able to devour the Streaming Bowl of Mussels single-handedly. Lunch is made most watering through Cyma Restaurant’s Lamb Gyros. 

At Cyma Boracay Restaurant, and at its branches, dishes are always meant to be shared. The solo options on menus are good enough to be feasted at by two persons. The bigger options are ideal for families and groups. Another selling factor is the aesthetic value of cuisines. At Cyma, you will find that foods are served in serving plates that are decorated in a profusion of colors. Thus, all dishes are visually appealing making anyone want to eat furthermore. 

As with the ambiance of the place, Cyma Restaurant in Boracay, judging from the outside, looks unremarkable. However, once you get inside the premise, you will surely be awed by the coziness. The interior design is conjured by restraint in use of lights. The room is relatively less spacious compared to other restaurants in Boracay, but the strange Greek aroma will surely make your olfactory senses up. Cyma can accommodate only up to 20 people at the same time. 

Lastly, the open kitchen is appreciated by many. You can watch as the chefs churn out a dish one after another. The kitchen is maintained well, the personnel are hygienic and thus, healthiness and safety of food is assured.

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