Blueberry Cafe

At the tip of the famous D’Mall in Boracay can be found the popular Blue Berry Boracay Restaurant. The food joint is highly patronized especially by vacationers who aim to enjoy good food at affordable and practical prices. Because it is located at a site where it is surrounded by different sari-sari stores, expect to get to watch people around while consuming a good meal at the restaurant. 
Blueberry Restaurant has been around for quite some time. In fact, most tourists who have dropped by Boracay for several times already must have experienced enjoying meals at Blue Berry. The restaurant is initially known for its specialties, which mostly comprise of gilled food. You should also try out Blue Berry’s Calamares. The menu includes a number of pork, seafood and chicken dishes, plus some sandwiches. 
Also popular at Blue Berry is its lomi soup, which is very delectable especially in the morning. The soup is just one of several mouth watering soups available at the restaurant.  
Aside from the good food, Blue Berry is also including in its menu several refreshing beverages. Not to be missed is the restaurant’s piña coladas, which just cost about P20 per glass especially during the restaurant’s happy hour peak. 
Overall, Blue Berry restaurant is a total Filipino food joint. The dishes are undeniably featuring exquisite Filipino characteristics. However, regular customers are also comprising of several international tourists and travelers, who are a little conscious about costs. Blueberry is a far cry from the usual expensive restaurants in Boracay.