Blue Mango Restaurant

Blue Mango RestaurantWalk across the White Beach to Boracay Boat Station 3 and you will surely spot Blue Mango Beach Resort, and at the entrance on the beachfront is that cafe. For regular vacationers, finding the restaurant will be easy because it is one of the very few full service restaurants operating in the area of Boracay Island

Blue Mango Restaurant is operated by Blue Mango Inn, one of the popular resort hotels in Boracay. Located within the complex of the inn, Blue Mango restaurant is situated comfortably at the beach level. The site has been known for some time as a venue where great food and refreshing drinks are served at reasonable prices.  

The cuisines are fusions of various cultural flavors, ranging from American, Chinese, Filipino, German and Italian. The result of this combination of influences is a very interesting and mouth watering list of dishes in the restaurant’s appealing menu. Thus, guests from anywhere in the world will sit comfortably and feel at home. Not to be overlooked and commended is the restaurant’s efforts to incorporate new twists to traditional dishes. You will feel as if you are in an adventure trying out and enjoying differently fused types of foods. 

The delectable seafood pasta is Blue Mango’s specialty. As for prices, guests can very much rave about the restaurant’s low to medium level price tags. In other words, eating out at Blue Mango will cost less compared to enjoying meals at luxurious and premium restaurants in the island. 

The ambiance is great. Blue Mango has a rood deck loft that is overlooking the panoramic view of the ocean. If you like to dine with the White Beach as the backdrop, you should ask the attendants and you will be given a table and seats upstairs. 

The restaurant is also a bar. That means it can transform into a hangout where you can enjoy some booze and other liquors and concoctions at the end of a wonderful day. You can unwind along with friends or meet other tourists who are in Boracay to have a splendid time.

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