Bamboo Lounge

Bamboo LoungeFor sure, you will not find getting to the Bamboo Lounge here on Boracay Island a challenge. That is because unlike most bars and restaurants, bamboo Lounge is located almost at the heart of the Boracay island. It is not situated in a beachfront property. 

The food joint is located inside the compound of the Freckles Beach resort in Bulabog Road. The nearest popular landmark is the Boat Station 1, but be warned that the site is not actually within a walking distance from the station. If you have hired clueless tricycle drivers to bring you there, just instruct them to take you at the Freckles resort and they surely will easily determine where you should be heading. 

Around Bamboo Lounge complex, you will hardly see any commercial establishment. However, you will instantly realize that getting there is just like locating and finding a real gem in the island. Of course, the dining experience will truly make up for any hassle you may encounter to get to the place. 

To get you started, Bamboo Lounge Boracay Restaurant is serving regular Chinese cuisines. Savor and enjoy the taste of crowd drawers like the dimsum, roasted meats, fried rice, and steamed fish. Food is simply characterized for its exotic blend. Lechon Macao is one of the restaurant’s best sellers. 

One major setback is the expensiveness of the menu. In one glance, you will see that usual dishes are priced at around P300. However, take note that there are provisions that the restaurant adds an extra 22% on top of everything you will order from the menu. Well, that makes the price a little costly. 

The ambiance is good. The striking red lanterns that hang from the restaurant’s ceiling just make the interior more pleasant. There are bamboo mats and soft cushions spread on the floor. While the lounge music plays in the background, you may opt to lay for a while. The tables are low so that you may opt to dine or drink sitting cozily on the floor. 

Bamboo Lounge is most loved during the evening. Dining and drinking is facilitated comfortably. If you are worrying about how you could get back to your hotel or to the main tourism center, Bamboo Lounge is offering a ride back to civilization through its hotel minivan. Thus, you will not need to worry too much about walking amidst poorly lit streets especially during the darkest nights.

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