Andoks Charcoal Fired Roasted Chicken

Andoks Roasted Chicken Boracay RestaurantFilipinos simply love chicken. That is why the concept of grilled chicken for takeout has become an instant hit in the country. Andok’s Boracay restaurant is operating a growing chain of takeout counters for roasted chicken. In Boracay, Andok's has established two dine-in food joints offering customers the most appetizing roasted and fried chicken meals. 
The first Andok’s Dine-in Restaurant location can be found inside D’Mall Boracay Station 2. There are many popular eateries and restaurants in the center. That is why Andok’s has seized the opportunity to make its presence felt there. The second location is as accessible. 
Andok’s â€‹serve the most sumptuous meals at very affordable and practical prices. The food joint sells breakfast meals consisting of corned beef, grilled milk fish, tapa and tocino. All time favorites include roast chicken, fried chicken, pork chops, barbeque, crispy pata, litson kawali and sisig. The dine-in joints even serve sinigang, a native Filipino dish. Desserts are irresistible. Leche flan, mais con yelo and banana con yelo are for customers with the distinct sweet tooth. 
Tourists will surely be curious about what makes Andok’s an appealing food trademark for Filipinos. The dine-in centers will surely offer the best traditional Pinoy meals at very affordable prices. Andok’s is striving to cater to a wider market. That is why in Boracay, it is operating this dine-in concept, which is not the usual concept found in Andok’s sites all over the country. Usually, Andok’s operate takeout counters because that is how it has been known for. However, the dine-in concept is a sure winner. 
If you like to takeout an entire roasted chicken, you could do so from Andok’s dine-in sites in Boracay as well. The restaurants are open 24 hours a day, so you can easily drop by and eat a meal anytime you want. Prepare yourself to enjoy chicken at its finest. Try out Andok’s and taste for yourself why Filipinos simply adore Andok’s chicken.