Boracay Banks & ATM Machines

Although Boracay Island is small, it's not so small that they do not have banks and ATM machines, they do, and they have many of each. For example you can check into just about any of the 300 Boracay Hotels with currency from countries that include the, US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, and the Korean Won, most hotels can exchange the currency for you right there at the front desk. However if the hotel you are staying at cannot exchange your current country currency then you can visit any of the local foreign money exchange places or at any of the local Boracay banks.

Local Boracay Banks

Allied Bank – Main branch, on the Main Road near the beach access road to the Boracay Tourist Center, offers full commercial services and an ATM machine with access to Bank-Net and Mega-link.

Two other branches of Allied Bank offer only Forex: which are located at the Boracay Regency Beach Resort, and at the Villa de Oro Boracay Beach Resort near Boat Station 3.

  • Phone: +63-36-288-3412 / 3048 / 3026

Metro-Bank – Located in Boracay Station 1, near Patio Pacific Boracay Hotel


BPI Bank – Express Banking Center in D' Boracay Mall /

  • Phone: +63-36-288-6612 & 506-0011

SENDING MONEY INTO THE PHILIPPINES – In order to send money from a foreign country to a Philippines bank, you will need a SWIFT CODE, the ACCOUNT NUMBER and the INTERNATIONAL ROUTING NUMBER for the receiving party, expect this process to take anywhere from five (5) to fifteen (15) days, this will largely depend on the country that is sending the money.

SENDING MONEY FROM THE PHILIPPINES – If you are transferring funds from your Philippines bank account to a foreign bank you will need to have a SWIFT CODE and an IBAN code, which stands for "International Bank Account Number"

ATM Machines

Throughout the island of Boracay there are many ATM Cash Machines that will accept all major credit cards like Visa, American Express, MasterCard. These ATM Bank Machines will also accept CIRRUS and MAESTRO bank cards, so if you have any of these, getting cash is not a problem.

Most of the ATM machines are located along the main road in Boracay and in the D Mall. The withdrawal amount from any ATM on Boracay is 10,000 Philippine Peso, and the bank charge is 200 Philippine Peso, so it can get expensive going to the ATM.
International Bank Transfers

Western Union

There is also a Western Union on the island of Boracay, so sending and receiving money can also be done like this, and if you need the funds quickly, then in some instances this is the better choice.