Boracay Apartments

Since Boracay Island has become the number 1 tourist destination here in the Philippines, this entices people to want to come here to this lovely tropical island, some for short trips, and others are seeking a more long term commitment, it's these individuals who will be seeking out Boracay Apartments! The one really nice thing about Boracay, is that there is no shortage of nice apartments for which an individual or family can stay, and with the majority of these apartments being reasonably priced.

There are many apartments now on the island of Boracay that offer anywhere from a one (1) night stay to multiple nights stay, with rates that are just as competitive as any of the 300 Boracay Hotels and Resorts here. However there are some fundamental differences between many of the Boracay apartments and the hotels and resorts on Boracay, the main difference being that many apartment complexes do not offer features like a free daily breakfast or in most cases may not have an in-house restaurant.

There are some benefits to renting a Boracay apartment rather than staying in a hotel, for example most of the apartment floor-plans offer more square meters, and have a fully functional kitchen, which is a huge benefit for larger families who may wish to prepare many of their own meals. 

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Featured Apartments on Boracay Island