Puka Shell Beach

Puka Shell Beach

The beautiful and pristine Puka Shell Beach is located on the north end of Boracay Island, and is about a quarter of a mile long, it's the second longest beach on the island after the famous Boracay White Beach. There are no hotels of any kind on Puka Shell beach, there are however a couple of small native restaurants that serve local Filipino dishes.

Puka Shell Beach offers tourist a fantastic place to have a picnic, since it's far from the larger crowds found on white beach, you will have a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere to enjoy your fun filled Boracay vacation. 

When swimming at Puka Shell Beach you will need to be a bit more cautious, as the waters here are not nearly as shallow as what you will find on the main White Beach. The water current is also a bit stronger and so children should not be left alone near the shoreline.

Puka Shell Beach derived it's name from the unique shells found on the beach here, a small round shell with a hole in it. The word Puka is a Hawaiian word that means “hole”, and so since the beach was filled with these small shells the beach was to be named Puka Shell Beach.

Today when you visit Puka Shell Beach you will find a few local women who still make small necklaces and bracelets from the small round Puka Shell found here on the beautiful Boracay beach.

From our Boracay Map you can see the exact location of Puka Shell Beach, located on the most Northern end of Boracay Island.

Puka Shell Beach Map

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