Cagban Beach

The jetty port on Boracay Island is located on Cagban Beach, this is the main entry and exit point for all visitors coming onto or leaving the island. As the tourist visiting Boracay have increased, so did the need to provide and efficient way to receive Boracay vacationers. 

Once you arrive at Cagban Beach you will be required to pay the following fees, unless you are a resident of Aklan, which of course then no fee needs to be paid. If your travel agency has paid your fees in advance, be sure not to lose your receipt, otherwise you will be required to make another payment.

As you can see using our Boracay map below, the jetty port of Cagban Beach is located at the southern most point of Boracay Island, making getting to and from the island of Boracay quite easy.

Cagban Beach Map

Environmental Fee – This fee is approximately PHP75.00 per person per visit to the island.

Jetty Port Fee – This fee is approximately PHP100.00 per person, per entry and per exit.

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