Banyugan Beach

Banyugan Beach

Located on the most north-western tip of Boracay Island you will find the lovely Banyugan Beach, a very secluded and private beach-front that is for the exclusive use of only guest of the Shangri-La Boracay Hotel. 

This beautiful white beach on Boracay offers guest a pristine beach-front to frolic on under the sun, enjoy the cool sparkling blue water and the lovely coconut plantation that borders the beautiful Banyugan Beach. Yet one of the very best features about the beautiful Banyugan Beach is it's super exclusivity, after all you cannot enjoy this beach unless you are a guest of the Shangri-La Boracay Beach Resort.

If you are a guest of the Shangri-La Resort you will also be brought to the resort by a private boat, so you will not pass through the Cagban Beach Jetty Port, which is also very nice, since you can avoid the large crowd and Cagban and more importantly you can avoid the traffic on the main road. 

From our Boracay Map here you can see the location of the ultra-private Banyugan Beach.

Banyugan Beach Map

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