Balinghai Beach

Balinghai Beach

Located at the bottom of a cliff is the small Balinghai Beach, located between Diniwid Beach to the south and Punta Bunga Beach to the north. Just above this small white beach located at the top of the cliff you will find the very unique Balinghai Beach Resort offering very unique rooms that have been created using walls of rock cliffs.

The Balinghai Beach is the perfect location for a romantic hideaway or a photo shoot, since here it is very secluded and private, and the large lava rocks scattered around the beach make for an interesting layout.

If you are looking for a private beach with a peaceful surrounding and great for snorkeling then the Balinghai Beach on Boracay Island is a really great choice. As you can see from the picture to your left the beach is very small, however it is super private, and not many tourist know about this little gem of a beach, and that makes it even more perfect.

The best way to get to Balinghai Beach is by renting a small "paraw" which is a small sail boat to bring you here, it's actually faster and less hassle than coming through the resort of Balinghai, as there are over 150 steps, not to mention the 15 to 20 minute tricycle ride. You can find small boats for rental all along the main Boracay White Beach and even Diniwid, and the cost will be about 500 peso or so, per person. 

There is a small restaurant and bar located nearby, operated by the Balinghai Resort, so there is no need to worry if you get hungry, thirsty or if you need to use the bathroom, you'll just need to climb some steps.

As seen on our Boracay Map here, the Balinghai Beach is located at the north-western side of Boracay Island, and is very private, as the only way to this fantastic white beach is by either boat, or from a long staircase built into the cliff side, that descends from the Balinghai Boracay Beach Resort above it.

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