13 Boracay Beaches

13 Private Boracay Beaches

Boracay Island is a pretty incredible place most noted for having some of the nicest beaches found anywhere in the Philippines. After all Boracay has one of the most fantastic white beaches located on it's west side, it's about 2.5 miles long and plays host to some 900,000 plus foreign and local Filipino tourist each year.

So many people will ask, what makes Boracay Beach so special? Well the answer to that question is quite simple, the sand on Boracay beach is super soft, it's not a rough granular sand found on so many other beaches throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

The powder soft white sand on Boracay is comparable to sugar, it really is just that fine, and it's this super white, powder soft sand that attracts nearly a million visitors to this tropical paradise here in the Philippines, every year, see you soon.

Did You Know That Boracay Has 13 White Beaches?
That's correct, there are thirteen (13) Boracay beaches, most have been developed, but there are still a few beaches on Boracay that have escaped the illusion known as progress. For example everyone has heard about “Boracay Beach” after all it's the most famous beach in the Philippines, maybe even Asia for that matter. But lets take a closer look at Boracay Island, and a few of it's hidden gems.

Boracay White BeachBoracay White Beach

Yes, you will hear Boracay Beach referred to by a few different names, like “White Beach” or “Boracay White Beach” or even “The Main Beach”. Which ever name you hear being used, be sure of one thing, they are all talking about Boracay Beach..Read More

Bulabog BeachBulabog Beach 

This would have to be the second most popular beach on Boracay, and the number one beach for kite-boarding and wind surfing enthusiast. Bulabog Beach is roughly a mile long, and is located on the east side of Boracay Island…Read More

Diniwid BeachDiniwid Beach

A small beach located on the north-western part of Boracay Island, Diniwid Beach is a private beach-front and is used pretty much exclusively by the beach goers who are staying in the Boracay hotels located here…Read More

Lapuz Lapuz BeachLapuz Lapuz Beach

This may be on of the most exclusive private white beaches on the island of Boracay, Lapuz-Lapuz Beach is the private beach of the famed Fairways and Bluewater Boracay Golf Resort and Country Club, the only one of it's kind…Read More 

Puka Shell BeachPuka Shell Beach 

The beautiful and pristine Puka Shell Beach is located on the north end of Boracay Island, and is about a quarter of a mile long, it's the second longest beach on the island after the famous Boracay White Beach. There are no hotels…Read More

Balinghai BeachBalinghai Beach

Located at the bottom of a cliff is the small Balinghai Beach, located between Diniwid Beach to the south and Punta Bunga Beach to the north. Just above this small white beach located at the top of the cliff you will find the very unique…Read More

Cagban Beach

The jetty port on Boracay Island is located on Cagban Beach, this is the main entry and exit point for all visitors coming onto or leaving the island. As the tourist visiting Boracay increased so did the need to provide and efficient way…Read More

Banyugan BeachBanyugan Beach

Located on the most north-western tip of Boracay Island you will find the lovely Banyugan Beach, a very secluded and private beach-front that is for the exclusive use of only guest of the Shangri-La Boracay Hotel…Read More

Punta Bunga BeachPunta Bunga Beach

Another uber exclusive place of privacy and seclusion is the Punta Bunga Beach where you will find the beautiful Sol Marina Boracay Resort. Here you can enjoy a beautiful private beach of powder soft white sand just like what can…Read More

Tambisaan BeachTambisaan Beach

Sometimes during the low season months between June and September the waters on the Tabon Strait can become quite rough, making it difficult for the bangka boats traveling from the Caticlan jetty port over to Cagban Beach on…Read More

Manoc Manoc BeachManoc Manoc Beach

Another small white beach that sits on the southern end of Boracay Island between Cagban Beach and Tambisaan Beach is the Manoc-Manoc Beach, used primarily by the residents of Boracay Island to receive and export large amounts…Read More


Tulubhan BeachTulubhan Beach

Located on the east side of Boracay Island, just to the south-eastern end of Bulabog Beach you will find the very small and very private Tulubhan Beach…Read More


Ilig Iligan BeachIlig Iligan Beach

Located at the north-eastern end of Boracay Island you will find the small Ilig-Iligan Beach, and just like all of the other beaches on Boracay this one also has beautiful powder soft white sand and sparkling blue waters…Read More