Featured Hotels for Backpackers

Featured Hotels for BackpackersFeatured here by Boracay Packages is a list of backpacker hotels that provide safe and comfortable accommodations at a low cost, some of our featured backpacker listings are beachfront, meaning they are located on the main long white beach of Boracay, or the hotel may be located on any of the other 13 Boracay beaches.

However the majority of our Boracay backpacker hotel listings are going to be non-beachfront, and located in many different areas around the island. However since the island is small, for most this is not an issue, since it also gives you an opportunity to explore and be adventurous.

A typical backpackers' hostel will regularly provide a couple of different room types to vacationers; the most typical kind is a dorm type room, where 6 or 8 bunk beds will supply the sleeping arrangments. A person will merely just lease a bunk space. Youths, specifically pupils, are the most typical visitors most likely to be come across at a hostel, though it is not unusual to find older and more seasoned tourists utilizing them also.

Some much more high end hotels here on Boracay may even provide more exclusive spaces, such as for married couples that are taking a trip with each other. A backpackers' hotel may also provide a shared washroom, as personal washrooms are rather unusual but not completely unheard of, here on Boracay you will find that the majority of the backpacker hotels offer private bathrooms.

Favorite Backpacker Hotels