Ocean View Lookout on Boracay

Ocean View LookoutWhen visiting Boracay Island you may also want to take a look around the island, there are many fantastic attractions here, and the Ocean View Lookout is definitely one of them you will most certainly enjoy.

The Ocean View Lookout sit just across from Mount Luho lookout deck, which is the highest peak here on the island of Boracay, from here you will have absolutely excellent views of the surrounding islands and many Boracay beaches, including Ilig-Iligan Beach, Lapuz Lapuz Beach and the best beach for windsurfing and kiteboarding activities, Bulabog Beach.

The Ocean View Lookout deck has two levels, the lower level offers a few tables with chairs so that you can rest and relax some, as there are over seventy (70) total steps to contend with. There are also some pay view binoculars available here, so if you want to have a better view of the island beaches and surrounding islands, as-well-as over 400 Boracay Hotels and Resorts.

Whether you choose here or Mount Luho, you are sure to be excited about the wonderful view, be sure to bring your camera, and it's also recommended that you bring a sturdy tripod for some really excellent photos of Boracay.

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