Flying Foxes (Fruit Bats)

Flying Foxes (Fruit Bats)Here on Boracay Island we have a really cool attraction, it's the Pteropus, or better known as the Flying Foxes, which are large fruit bats that live in area's of Asia that offer tropical atmosphere. The flying foxes found here on Boracay once numbered in the thousands, however today due to the deforestation brought on by the development of hotels and resorts the flying foxes or fruit bats now number in the low hundreds.

The flying foxes support their nutritional needs by feeding on different fruits, nectar, blossoms and pollen. Unlike other bats that posses echolocation and have the ability to search out insects in mid-flight, these creatures use their sense of smell and keen eyesight to forage for food. Once the flying foxes locates it's food, it will literally "crash" into foilage, where it will then grab onto it's food. These fruit bats will then hang upside down, grabbing the fruit with one of it's clawed thumbs, (seen in the video) and eat.

To see the amazing flying foxes you will need to hike into the forest area of the island, near Puka Shell Beach, this is the best area for viewing and photographing these spectactular creatures.

These really cool creatures are today threatened with extintion.

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