Boracay Ferris Wheel

Ferris WheelYes, Boracay Island has a small Ferris Wheel and it's located in Boat Station 2 at D' Mall where you can also find many other things to do her. The Ferris Wheel is small, it has only eight capsules that can hold only 2 small persons, each door can be locked from the outside, so it's totally safe for children to ride here.

At the base of the Ferris Wheel you will find a couple of individuals dressed in costumes, one person is dressed as the statue of liberty and the other is dressed as a New York tourist sitting on a park bench. The Boracay Mall area is fun for all ages, kids and adults, there are lots of restaurants here, ice cream shops, a small arcade and a rock climbing wall, where you can test your skills at climbing.

There are so many different things to see here on the island, please visit us here for a complete list of really cool Boracay attractions.