Boracay Butterfly Farm

Boracay Butterfly FarmIf you are looking for something fun to do while you are vacationing on the island of Boracay, then we can recommend a really cool attraction and activity, it's the Boracay Butterfly Farm which is located at the entrance of Fairways and Bluewater Boracay Golf Resort and Country Club. Here you will enjoy learning about the many different butterfly species available here in the Philippines, as-well-as their habitat and the foods that they eat to survive.

There are many fantastic Boracay attractions here on the island, and they are all perfect for the entire family to enjoy, regardless of age.

What you may find most interesting about the butteryfly garden here is that they also raise butterflies that will later be released into the forest areas on Boracay Island.

To get to the Boracay Butterfly Garden just take a tricycle from D Boracay Mall north using the main road that runs north and south through the center of the island at Fairways and Bluewater Boracay Resort, once you arrive at the entrance just let the security guards know you purpose and you will be allowed in.

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