Boracay Bikini Contest

Boracay Bikini ContestEvery year on the island of Boracay you can enjoy one of the top Boracay attractions, which is the Boracay Bikini Open Contest. The many contest held here are generally sponsored by different liquor and beer companies located throughout the Philippines.

You will find that the Bikini Contest are held at top clubs, with most being located on the main Boracay Beach, to name one of the most popular clubs, it would be the Cocomangas Shooters Bar in Station 1. 

Since Boracay Philippines has become a top tourist destination for many European and Asian countries you are likely to see thousands of beautiful women of all nationalities on this famous white sand beach, all year long. Back in 2005 during the low season months many of the 300 Boracay Hotels would close since business was so slow, however that is no longer the case, in 2012 it was recorded that this small tropical island in the western Visayas region of the Philippines played host to some 1.5 million tourist.

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