Boracay Batcave

If you are into exploring some of the attractions around the island of Boracay, then why not take a hiking trip through the forest where you can explore the Batcave, which is located about a 30 minute walk from the Ilig-Iligan Beach, on the southeast corner of the island. The batcave is a fascinating place to visit, here you will see some really cool shaped stalactites (from above) and stalagmites, from the (ground up).

The batcave on Boracay Island is home to the small black bats, and should not be confused for the Flying Foxes, the larger fruit bats that hang in trees.

Hiking Tips

  • Be sure to take bottled water with you, it's hot and you will not want to dehydrate.
  • You will want to take a flashlight, the cave is dark, with slippery rocks, so be careful.
  • You should where proper hiking clothes, including shoes with good rubber gripping.
  • A hat is a good idea here, as the cave is filled with bats, and you will want to avoid getting bat droppings in your hair.
  • Be sure to bring your camera for both digital images and video.

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