Boracay Attractions

Boracay AttractionsThere are many fantastic attractions on the small island of Boracay, which is located in the western Visayas region of the Philippines, and just so happens to be the most visited destination in the country, with over one million tourist coming here each year from all corners of the globe.

The number one top Boracay attraction would be the 2.5 mile long white beach with powder soft sand that sits on the islands west side, truthfully it's this soft white sand that attracts the tourist, it's really nothing like what you have ever experienced before.

The second top attraction on this tropical paradise island would be the interesting Willy's Rock, which sits at the beach edge in boat station 1, and is arguably the most photographed rock on the island. Located on the east end of this large lava formation you will find a small grotto with a statue of the "Virgin Mary", this is popular with both local Filipinos and foreigners for photos.

There are many other Boracay attractions that we are sure you will find just as fascinating as you tour around the island, however Mount Luho is a must see and do, this is highest peak on the island, and from here you can see the entire island of Boracay. This is also a great location for taking pictures of Bulabog Beach, and if you are here during the right seasons, November thru January you will have the opportunity to take some really nice pictures of the wind-surfers and kite-boarders.

But regardless of what you experience here on this magical island, at the end of each day, you will be treated to a free, beautiful Boracay Sunset, so enjoy.