Aerial Pictures of Boracay Philippines

Boracay is a beautiful tropical island that is located here in the western part of the Visayas region of the Philippines, and is the top tourist destination, with over 300 Boracay Hotels and Resorts, receiving over 1.5 million tourist each year, from all over the world. What makes Boracay Island so attractive to both local and foreign tourist is the wonderful 2.5 mile long white sand beach, edged with crystal clear water by the Sulu Sea and warmed by the suns golden rays. Boracay Beach is the longest beach in the Philippines and quite possible in all of Asia, it's this feature that provides such a unique and exciting place for a wonderful family vacation. So popular is the island of Boracay that many songwriters and musicians have written songs about this tropical paradise, one of the most popular Boracay songs is "Boracay Go". 

Enjoy the nice aerial photos of Boracay Island provided by photographer Rick St. John of WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Pasig City, Ortigas Center, Manila Philippines and remember for your next Boracay vacation package visit us here for the best 3 Day & 2 Night Boracay Hotel Packages.


Boracay BeachBoracay Beach Boracay PhilippinesBoracay Philippines
Boracay Station 1Boracay Station 1 Station 1 White BeachStation 1 Boracay White Beach
Boracay Station 2Boracay Station 2 Station 2 Boracay White BeachStation 2 Boracay White Beach
Boracay Station 3Boracay Station 3 Boracay White BeachBoracay White Beach
Bulabog BeachBulabog Beach Bulabog Beach BoracayBulabog Beach Boracay
Lapuz-Lapuz BeachLapuz-Lapuz Beach Lapuz-Lapuz Beach BoracayLapuz-Lapuz Beach Boracay
Diniwid BeachDiniwid Beach Diniwid Beach BoracayDiniwid Beach Boracay
Tambisaan BeachTambisaan Beach Tambisaan Beach BoracayTambisaan Beach Boracay
Tulubhan BeachTulubhan Beach Ilig-Iligan Beach BoracayIlig-Iligan Beach Boracay
Cagban Beach Jetty Port BoracayCagban Beach Jetty Port Boracay Fairways Bluewater Boracay Golf CourseFairways Bluewater Boracay Golf Course